Checklist to check when a mid server is down

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In this article you can see some ways to troubleshoot the MID server when it is down with some of the basic checklists that we should check to bring back the MID server up.


  1. Check if the host where the MID server agent running is up.
  2. Check if the host has the internet connection and able to reach the ServiceNow instance.
  3. Check if the service “ServiceNow MID Server_(MID_SERVER_NAME)” is running in services.msc.
    3.a) Check if the server is logged in with the account having local admin privileges.
    3.b) To restart the service, In CMD, navigate to the agent folder and execute stop.bat and then start.bat
    Eg. C://agent/stop.bat
    Note: Can also be restarted from services.msc
  4. In ServiceNow instance, if the midserver user password is changed update the same in ../agent/config.xml file.
    4.a) Open Config.xml file in notepad.
    4.b) Change the value with “new password”.
    4.c) Save
    4.d) Restart the service.

Note: The password will get encrypted once the service is restarted.

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