How to get started with RedHat OpenShift for Beginners

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In modern world  everyone should know about the container application management platforms. This tutorial will help you to getting started with OpenShift container platform.

Introduction :

OpenShift Container Platform  is Red Hat’s on-premises private platform as a service product, built around a core of application containers powered by Docker, with orchestration and management provided by Kubernetes.

This is based on powerful OpenSource technology. We can even create our own OpenShift Cluster using ansible-playbook.

Here we see how to create and getting started with OpenShift Enterprise PaaS application to Deploy our Application. We can also use MiniShift to practice on OpenShift, here we see only for PaaS.

Steps to Create OpenShift Account :

OpenShift gives v3.11.44 cluster with one project and 2GiB Memory and 2GiB storage for free for individual learning and experimenting.

Step 1:

Open and click on the sign-in option like shown in picture.

Step 2 : Click on signup for OpenShift Online

Click on signup for OpenShift Online to login with RedHat account like shown below.

You can directly chose login with RedHat if you have a RedHat account already

If you chose login with RedHat you will get the login page directly like below,

If you don’t have an account and you can not use login with RedHat option, you need to create one RedHat account using the Create one New option.

Step 3 : Select a plan to use OpenShift

Once you sign-in with RedHat at first time you will be asked to select a plan before Start.

We can select OpenShift Online Starter plan for out learning and experimenting. Click on FREE which will go to the next screen.

Step 4: Verify Captcha and Confirm subscription

You will see the confirmation page like bellow, just verify captcha and confirm subscription,

This page will show how much resource we will get for our environment. Actually i got 2GiB after my account activated.

Once you confirm subscription one notification will come in green color like below,

After we successfully subscribed our account will be provisioned in a week time and we will get email of account activation.

Note: This is just to work with the enterprise version. We also have MiniShift to play around OpenShift

Now everyone is good to start there testing on OpenShift PaaS platform.

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