How to set an Alias Name for AWS Account

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Why you should set alias name for AWS account:

Setting an Alias name is much important to all AWS Account. An account alias substitutes for an account ID in the web address for your account. You can create and manage an account alias from the AWS Management Console, AWS CLI, or AWS API.

Alias name will help you to share your account address without exposing Account ID to everyone. In case if you want to give bare minimum permission to the user you can send him an account link without Account ID on it.

How to set Alias Name for AWS Account:

Setting up an alias name is not as complicated link you are thinking.

Step 1 : Go to the IAM Dashboard

You will be able to see Your IAM user sign-in link on the dashboard page. You can see your Account ID hardcoded in the link,

Step 2: Set your Alias name

Click on the customize option provided nearby sign-in link and enter the name you want,


Click on enter and now you will be able to see your alias name on the sign-in link instead of your Account ID,

Note: The original URL containing your AWS account ID remains active and can be used after you create your AWS account alias.

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