How to set up MID server in Windows for Beginners

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MID server is the key component that enables the communication between ServiceNow instance and the local network. ServiceNow recommends having the MID server installed in a Windows Box as it can be used to discover any devices, whereas the mid server installed on Linux box cannot discover windows machines.


  1. Snow user credential with “mid_server” role.
  2. A new windows box with local administrator access.
  3. Outbound Internet connection to access the ServiceNow instance via port 443.

Step by Step Procedure:

  1. First, Navigate to “MID Server -> Downloads” in ServiceNow to download the build that matches your OS.
  2.  Extract the agent folder from downloaded zip package to C:\Servicenow\
  3. Run C:\Servicenow\agent\installer.bat
  4. Fill the form with user credential who has mid_server role in ServiceNow and click on Test your connection. If all good you will get a success message.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Fill the MID server name and click next.
    MID Server Name– The name of the MID server that you will see in ServiceNow.
    MID service wrapper display name– The installer auto-populate this field having the MID server name as the suffix. This is the Windows service name that you can check from services.msc console.
  7. Verify the details in Summary view and click Next
  8. Click Start MID server and exit the installer.
  9. In ServiceNow, navigate to the MID server page and validate the MID server.

    You may click skip Configuration to manually configure the MID server later. If this is the only mid server in your instance click save.

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